4 Tips for Crafting a Winning Pest Control Business Mission

How to Craft Your Pest Control Business Mission

How to Craft Your Pest Control Business Mission “It’s all about value.” In business, we hear this phrase all the time. Value is everything because without it there are no sales. When crafting your pest control business mission, the hero is the value your company offers. And like any good hero, it must champion your cause not just today but tomorrow.

How can you make your mission statement unique and timeless? What should you include? And where will you be using it? Let’s explore four tips designed to elevate what makes you unique:

#1: Contemplate Your Existence

Why did you start a pest control business?

Was it because all homes deserve the best protection from critters and insects? Or were you driven by a passion for the safe removal of garden pests that can be relocated to a better habitat far, far away?

Something inspired you. It motivated you to found and foster a pest control company. Take that thing— whatever it is—and write it down. Then, explore it.

The reason your company exists is a major part of the mission it champions.

#2: Tie It to Your Consumers

Once you’ve ascertained and explored your reason for existence, it’s time to tie that to your consumers.

What makes your business special? Why should people choose you? What pain of theirs can you solve or substantially soothe?

The answers to these questions expand your immediate value and clarify your company’s mission.

#3: Tell a Story

Your mission statement is used in two ways: The primary use will be external or for your potential consumers. The secondary will be internal or for your team and employees. In both cases, telling a story can convey your mission while also inspiring and motivating.

Use what you’ve gleaned from contemplating your existence and tying it to your consumers to outline your why, the problem(s) you solve, and the value that is uniquely you. For even more distinctiveness, you can opt to create a short and memorable, story-style mission statement.

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to earn trust, display authenticity, and connect. It only takes a handful of carefully crafted sentences. It can draw in consumers and employees alike, touching them and inspiring action. The goal of a storytelling mission statement is to:

  • Set the stage and build interest. Indulge a little in painting a picture of the leading problem your consumers face. Be specific to be impactful. Then, introduce your company as the hero.
  • Tie in your vision. Offer the solution. Use the story to show how you take the pain away. Give a sampling of the positive and valuable experience that awaits. Not only does this create an actionable moment for the consumer, but it also provides an internal guideline that reinforces what you expect your employees to deliver based on your vision.

#4: Live the Mission

This tip is more of a test.

Can your mission statement be lived? In other words, does it create a unique, valuable, timeless, and sustainable mission?

If the answer is yes, then you have successfully crafted a winning pest control business mission.

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