Creating Your Pest Control Business Vision

What Is Your Pest Control Vision?

When it comes to business visions, there are two types; the ones that create success and the ones that don’t. As you focus on building the identity of your pest control company, it is critical to ensure your vision sets you up for success.

But what if you’re stuck? What if you’re struggling to identify and document your vision?

I can help. Let’s start with a concept.

The Future is Uncertain…

…but your version of it should be unmistakable. I lean into this idea when coaching pest control company owners. I introduce a book called Vivid Vision by Cameron Harold. It’s a must-read for serious entrepreneurs and business owners like you.

Harold’s concept uses what high-performance athletes do as they work to achieve their goals—visualize. They create a picture of what they will do and how so detailed that it manifests their goals into reality.

Watch him explain the concept and process in the Genius Network Presents video below:



Creating Your Pest Control Business Vision

Based on the Vivid Vision concept, the goal of a vision statement is to align and inspire. As a business owner, you already have a picture of how your company will run in the future—that’s your vision. The next step is to move it from your head to paper, recreating it in vivid detail so that everyone who reads it will see what you see.

If you haven’t watched the above video, now’s the time. You’ll want to home in on Harold’s exercise in recreating the picnic from The Sound of Music and the steps he outlines afterward. Follow them to create your vision statement.

Streamlining Your Vision Statement

Once you’ve recreated your vision by moving it from your mind to a tangible document via Harold’s process, you will have a statement capable of aligning everyone who reads it.

Your vision statement won’t be limited to a bland paragraph open to interpretation; it will be a detailed snapshot, unmistakable and capable of aligning and inspiring. It will become an integral part of every aspect of your business. You will incorporate it in recruitment, training material, marketing, and more. It will both attract and repel, making it a vital tool for achieving success.

Maintaining Your Vision Statement

If you think of your vision statement as a year three prediction, the need to review it regularly becomes clear. Set aside time to reread your vision statement and ask:

  • Is this still an accurate representation of my vision?
  • Are we still on track to achieving this vision, and if not, what needs to change to foster realignment?
  • Has my vision shifted, and if so, what details need to change?

While you will want to consider these questions as the owner and redefine and detail your vision as needed, it’s equally important to include top-tier company leaders when reviewing your company vision. Their feedback can provide a window into how well aligned your company is and where adjustments are needed.

Remember, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but we can manifest our future. Is your vision ready to pave the way?


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