How to Grow a More Profitable Business with Pest Control Apps


Piloting Our Pest Control Business Apps

When it comes to growing your pest control business, time is your biggest ally and greatest nemesis. It is all too common to feel like busywork is taking over. Monitoring what you need to manage while working to expand is a delicate balancing act that demands effective tools.

Nathan W. Morris, a finance expert and author, said it best, “It’s not always that we need to do more, but rather, that we need to focus on less.” His words highlight a vital action that you can take to increase productivity and profitability—focus on less.

But how?

Does the idea of focusing on less feel wrong? After all, as your business grows, you’re going to juggle more, right? Not quite.

What Time Management Really Means

Growing a business doesn’t have to eat up all of your time and energy. In fact, it shouldn’t, but many pest control business owners find themselves working 60+ hours per week to generate little profit and limited success. Their number one complaint is that there simply isn’t enough time.

Time management is not, however, about finding more hours; it’s about finding the right tools—the ones that allow you to focus on less and achieve more.

There’s An App for That

Imagine having a customized dashboard readily available at your fingertips, showing how and where your team is productive. What if you could instantly see what is and isn’t profitable, find losing sales opportunities, manage your vehicles and equipment, and engage with your customers?

These are all crucial areas of your business. Each requires organization, working systems, and the tools necessary to monitor and adjust course. That is why we have designed our Business in A Box and Pest Control Business Tools. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of one of our tools—customizable, mobile apps.

Knowledge is Power

We believe it’s just plain wrong to work boatloads of hours without achieving the level of progress you want. In our 50+ years as pest control operators, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to create, implement, and grow the very best systems and tools for success. We’ve discovered that growth opportunities are more abundant when you aren’t worried about operational headaches.

Delegating operations can, however, open pandora’s box if you lack organization or the right toolset. If you struggle with time management and feel like the systems you have in place (or lack thereof) aren’t working, the first step you should take involves our Million Dollar Climb Challenge. The challenge entails assessing all main elements of your business to pinpoint the areas in need of the most attention.

If you feel you have solid systems in place but struggle with the busy work, you are ready for pest control business apps.

The Company Management App

Imagine having fewer operational headaches and a more self-reliant team capable of managing themselves while you collect daily production data to pinpoint internal strengths and weaknesses. What if you could increase productivity and accountability while keeping your standard operating procedures (SOPs) in an easy-to-access place?

Our Company Management App empowers your team to be more self-managing and productive. It reduces the chaos that can consume untold amounts of time by: 

  • Giving each team member an up-to-date look at their productivity and KPIs
  • Providing a management dashboard centered on all KPIs and productivity
  • Reducing managerial overhead and time spent compiling reports
  • Keeping SOPs and policies and procedures readily available for your team
  • Decreasing paper forms and requests
  • Inspiring and engaging your A+ players
  • Preserving your mobility to manage from anywhere

See The Company Management App


The Vehicle & Equipment Management App

Expenses can rapidly deplete funds, and they crop up in many shapes and sizes. Do you find yourself contending with some or all of the following?

  • Growing expenses due to repurchasing missing or damaged equipment and tools
  • Missing equipment due to lack of tracking
  • Dwindling time to perform consistent vehicle, equipment, and tool audits
  • Vehicle damages with little to no explanation
  • Limited to no access to inspection reports, incident reports, and equipment orders
  • Lack of knowledge and accountability amongst your team

The vehicles, equipment, and tools used in your business are one of the largest ongoing investments to manage. Without training, accountability, maintenance, and tracking, this area of business can quickly become a money pit.

Our Vehicle & Equipment Management App helps you implement a digital system for safeguarding your investment. It can assist with:

  • Timely supply audits and vehicle inspections
  • Reducing the personnel required to properly audit and inspect
  • Avoiding costly repurchasing
  • Maintaining a current inventory for all materials and supplies
  • Holding team members accountable for their equipment and vehicle
  • Eliminating confusion for your team members regarding their responsibilities

See The Vehicle & Equipment App


The Customer Engagement App

Are you tired of losing sales? Do potential customers fade away before you can seal the deal? Are your marketing campaigns worthy of what you are investing? How are you keeping your consumers engaged?

We could write a series on customer engagement for two reasons. 1) It’s that important. 2) The opportunities are endless, and multiple ones will fit your business well.

But before we dig into such a series, you need a tool that will enable you to tackle and measure the success of key engagement tasks, including:

  • Connecting with customers
  • Nurturing the connection with your clients
  • Engaging with scheduling, payments, education, updates, marketing, and more

To help you simplify your focus, we have created the Customer Engagement App.

Coming Soon


The Right Data, The Real Focus, The Best Growth

Time waits for no one. Don’t let any more slip away. Instead, invest in the tools to help you manage time effectively and focus on less to achieve more. Want to see how? Check out our apps demo:



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