The Pest Control Business in a Box You Need

Pest Control Business in a Box: it's everything you need

Business In a Box: It’s Everything You Need

Do you struggle with answering repeated questions about procedures? Is your team frequently in need of confirmation regarding standard policies? Do you ever find yourself thinking, if you just had more time, you could document all of your important company information to reduce repetitive conversations? Today, I want to introduce you to the box every serious pest control business owner needs.

Let’s be honest; behind the scenes of a great company lies a lot of paperwork. There are handbooks, manuals, operating procedures, training materials, and more. Businesses run on a foundation of documentation and systems. When the foundation is strong, growth comes naturally. If the foundation is lacking, growth becomes painful, especially for owners.

What Is the Pest Control Business in a Box?

The most vital operations make the groundwork of a business. How they are created, accessed, and used will impact everything from where and how you spend your time to the quality of service your consumers experience. There are three key areas that need to be solid before you can successfully grow:

  • Hiring and training processes
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Policies and procedures

The Pest Control Business in a Box hands you pre-made, customizable templates in these key areas. All of that important documentation you haven’t found time to create is available. Combine this with a few short meetings, and you will have the blueprints for how you do business ready to roll out to your team.

The box itself is fully customizable. You can pick and choose everything from the standard operating procedures that best fit your business and specialties to the policies, procedures, and training materials you need. Our templates are 80% accurate, leaving a mere 20% to tweak to what makes your approach unique.

The Expertise Behind the Box

Business In a Box is not a random compilation of potentially useful inner company templates. It’s a creation of documented systems and processes proven to increase success and lay the foundation for growth and expansion. The contents are not experimental—they are tried and true.

I’m Sheri Spencer Bachman, the brain behind Pest Control Business Tools. I developed the Pest Control Business in a Box (PCBB). In my 31+ years in the industry, I have created, operated, grown, and sold several businesses. I’ve been in the PCT’s top 100 companies for six years as of the writing of this blog post. I know what it takes to create a solid operational foundation, and how important it is not to skimp on these basic creation steps. Without them, your company will struggle to grow as you find yourself inundated with tasks that can be easily delegated while upholding quality standards.

Since 2010, I’ve been helping PCOs, just like you, overcome high stress and being overworked and underpaid to achieve efficiency, profitability, and a rekindled love for their business. The documented systems and processes in the Pest Control Business in a Box are the building blocks I wish I’d had from the very beginning—blocks that could have saved me time, money, and frustration.

Building Your Business in a Box

How does it work, and where do you get started? Here’s the process:

  • Step 1: Explore – If you haven’t already, peek at what your custom box can include via the PCBB pricing sheet. The contents will offer the edge you need to be more profitable, reduce operational headaches, and exceed industry benchmarks. Pinpoint which applies to your business, select them, and submit your order when ready.
  • Step 2: Team Meeting – Once you’ve purchased your customized business box, it’s time to schedule a team meeting. Be prepared to schedule a few follow-up meetings, depending on how much tweaking you will need to undertake and the amount of time your team has to dedicate to each meeting. During these, you will review the systems and procedures and infuse the information that is unique to how you do things.
  • Step 3: Implement – When you’re finished injecting each policy and procedure with your unique way of operating, you will be ready to release and implement the systems and procedures you have created for your team.

The result will be a rock-solid operational foundation that is easily accessible to all of your key players. The benefits can include:

  • Expected outcomes from proven SOPs for pest companies
  • A streamlined and organized hiring process
  • Consistent evaluations so you only hire the “right fit” for your growing company
  • Tailored and effective training material
  • A system for expected responsibility and accountability
  • Reduction of time-consuming and repetitive tasks due to a clear and concise step-by-step guidelines
  • No more time wasted answering repetitive questions

The Pest Control Business in a Box is everything you need to organize, streamline, and solidify the systems and processes that will grow your business. If there was ever a way for a pest control business owner to treat themselves while reducing work, this is it. So, what are you waiting for?

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